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Where to Start


When remodeling and designing your bathroom you are combining your ideas and your practical reality, it's best to work from fixtures and finishes backward to the walls and floors. In the begining focus on the color, layout and flow of the space.


Concealing Plumbing


Buying your sinks, toilets and stuff that connected  to them you may want to consider if you going to hide the plumbing elements or not. You will need to layout the plumbing, framing and electrical beforehand to avoid any costly mistakes in the future.

  • Draw existing bathroom floor plan
  • Recommend new bathroom floorplan (if needed)
  • Time to choose finishes such as cabinets, sinks, toilets, faucets vanity and mirrors
  • Prep surrounding bathroom area with coverings such as plastic and paper floors
  • Demo Bathroom and haul away rumble
  • Install all rough materials such as subfloor, plumbing and electrical etc..
  • Patch up drywalls
  • Hot mop shower or install bathtub
  • Install tile / stone on floor and walls
  • Paint bathroom
  • Install finishes (tiolet, mirrors, moulding, vanity etc..)
  • Clean and haul away any residue


Sun American Builders remodels bathrooms from early conception to complete design renovation.

Our professional team will walk you step by step from choosing your favorite materials, to the delicate details in high end design.  Our main goal is to convert your dreams into reality.


At Sun American Builders, we consider the bathroom as one of the most important areas in the house, when privacy and comfort makes the difference.  

We know that choosing the right materials is difficult, however, you can trust that, Sun American Builders, will provide you the standards you are looking for.


Contact Sun American Builders today and discuss your bathroom project.  

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Privacy Matters


Since bathrooms are usually shared, you will need to consider your privacy. Toilet rooms are the great way to resolve this busy area. It makes it easy for 2 people to use the bathroom at the same time.

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So... This is how We do it

1) The first thing we do as a contractor is , we are getting all the permits for our bathroom projects from your current city hall, for example ,plumbing, electrical, and some other permits as needed... Why??? because you can NOT add or remove anything if it is not by your city codes  , so our job is to make sure that everything goes by the book!  During the project we are getting few city inspections.. "city Inspector" will come to visit the job site to inspect our work and to make sure we follow the codes. 






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2) When everything is good to go and we have the green light we are demolishing your bathroom, and opening the walls, 






3) when everything is open and visible we inspect all the plumbing and the electricals, somtimes there is an old plumbing systems like galvanized plumbing that needs to be replaced and update by the city codes .

4) Next thing is to build the shower as required by the customer - framing , shape of the shower , add or replace bath tubs , and more ... most of it is a wood & framing work...

5) Next thing is water resistent progress .. hot mob the shwer, just to make sure any water is not going anywhere beside of the draing.. 

6) when the buttom is hot moped and ready we are going to install the cement on the shower walls and the pan..

7) next thing is the tile installation, vanity installation, shower had installation , toilet installation , lights and plugs , new bathroom fan, and faucets..