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Once in a while try to inspect yourself for leaks and ckacks in the walls. When you find leaks and structural ckack on the walls (outside / inside), there is an existing problem already with your foundation.



While in the drouht, close by tree roots may compete for moisture, it will cause your foundation to sattle and sink unevenly. Good indication for that when your doors and windows start sticking and drywall may crack. To avoid war on water, plant deep rooted trees far fom the house (if the braches can touvh the structure, it is too close).


  • Inspect walls for any structural cracks - exterior and internal
  • Inspect current condition and moisture of the foundation (if any crawl space)
  • Add ventelated plywood sheets in all required sections
  • Install where possible universal foundation plates (UFP)
  • Clean working area

Any structure foundation is the most essantial element. With the ground moving all the time and creating new cracks in your driway concrete, foundation must be done one hundred percent resistance for that typeof behavor. Driway or pathway concrete may be patched or easily replaces, but that not the story then dealing with structure foundation. Sun American Builders has the knowledge and the experience to approach each and every foundation types, if it is slab or raised.





Poor excavation of a siol may direct water towards the foundation of your structure. Be sure that your yard is graded at least 6 inches in 10 feet, that way the soil slopes away from the structure. How to check the slope? Use a level, start from ehre the siol touches the foundation.

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