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Air Seal Your Home


Air sealing your home is like giving your house a hard shell rain jacket. It keeps the inner layer of the house insulated from outside enviromnet. It will stay cold in the summer when A/C is on and warm in the winter when heating.



Make sure to consider ventilation as you air seal your home. You should always have a quite bath fan in every bathroom and the kithchen hood. If you are making your home really air tight when you may need an additional whole house ventilation system.


Installing or upgrading insulation of your house will majorly improve the inside air quality and reduce you monthly elecricity / gas bill. US department of energy strongly suggest to install / upgrade insulation to the current codes. Sun American Builders are experts in everything involed improving your indoor air and noise quality as well as air seling your home. Properly insulated homes will reduce the extent usage of A/C unit and the heater because the air is not escaping new coming in, which will drastically reduce you energy bills.





From time to time in some areas the goverment offers rebates on energy efficiant projects like insulation, windows and such. Ask our specialist on site to check if your home and project can fit under their guidlines.

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