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If you not sure about a color or a paint, start in a small room, bathroom or hallway, or even in accent wall. It helps to select a color drawn from artwork, rug, accessory or a furniture piece as a main color or an accent color.



Pay attention to lighting, natural daylight shows the truest color, fluorescent lighting cast a sharp blue shadow while incandescent brings up warm tones and yellows.

It's all about color! Why do we find one place appealing and are uncomfortable in another setting? Why are we attracted to one product other another while shopping in your local store? You answer is COLOR. Whether architectual or in products, color accounts for more than 75% of our response to a object, product or place. Sun American Builders can help you select colors that are subtle and significant to your home.

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You think one color is borring, how about creating a bold or variations withing one color group, with contrasting paint finishes. Use related colors or try a single color in different finishes for wall and trims in one space.

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