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Concrete Tile


They can be made to look like traditional clay tiles, slate or wood shakes. They are long lasting but they can break. Also, they consider to be  heavy so you will need a reinforsed roof and framing to support. They are excellent fire resistance.


  • Roof inspection - ridge caps, valleys, chimney area, vents, pipes and egdes
  • Roof sheeting inspection from attic or garage to verify that there is no wood shake - violation of fire code. If there is, replace with OSB plywood
  • Measure and calculate, explain roofing material options
  • Submit paperwork to obtain necessary permits
  • Prepare working area for demolition
  • Demolish and clean the area
  • Apply waterproofing under layer (felt paper or shatkskin)
  • Mount new matal flashings, vent covers etc..
  • Insall top roof layer
  • Complete final inspection 
  • Clean working area and haul away rubble

&  Repair

There are more styles and types of roofing to choose from when ever before. Each has his advantages and disadvantages. From natural materials like wood shingles, copper and slate to man made products like asphalt, metal and plastic polymers, clay, concrete tile. Let us help you decide which is the best for your house. 



Wood Shingles


Usually made from cedar but also made of other rot resistant woods such as redwood. Moderate in weight, they do have a shorter life span and may sometime require maintance. Good wind resistance, poor fire resistance. Not approved anymore in many cities.

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Wood Shingles Roof

Metal Roof

Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt shingles are better for cold weather and wind resistance. The fiberglass shingles are most fire and moister resistance. Main con is that they are not as durabale as other roofing materials.